My Year Zero

Gut instinct had me thinking something else was going on other than ‘straight forward’ mental health problems. I was on a seemingly neverending emotional rollercoaster. As ever, I was looking back trying to analyse what the hell was going on with my head. Well, 2018 saw a breakthrough and the much needed reboot towards greater understanding. My Year […]

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Can’t face the world today

I lay in bed not wanting to face the world. The thought of seeing people or worse still, talking to people held no interest. There are times everyone wants to be alone but when it goes on for weeks, there is a problem. Human interaction (on the most part) is beneficial for the mind but […]

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Beer O’clock?

Did you go for Dry January and if so, how is it going? So, good old booze. An old ‘friend’ I have gone out with a few times. I could go weeks without or have a blow out which invariably ended with a ‘never again’ hangover. Moderation was never something I attained and if I […]

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So what is this blog all about?

We all have our story to tell and this is mine. I would like to share my experiences, look at what solutions have worked for me and also gather your ideas, thoughts and strategies. I would like to be able to help others going through mental health and/or ADHD problems. Speaking to other people is […]

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Take care of you!

Sounds selfish eh? The old adage that you cannot pour from an empty cup rings true. After years of plodding on through anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks, my head waved a little white flag. I had to take time out to concentrate on myself after my mind and thoughts had been hijacked. Mental health […]

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