Bitten in the arse!

Life can be going fine but then out of the deep blue – it takes a big chunk out of your behind. Part of improving your mental health and ‘recovery’ is recognising the clouds ahead and being honest with yourself and those around you. Otherwise, you can start slipping backwards again. It can be a […]

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Lost in Music

I thought as it was #mentalhealthawarenessweek I’d best pull my finger out and put a post on! Today I want to talk about the amazing value to our mental health, that music gives. Music can have varying effects on our mood, whether uplifting, motivational, to relax and unwind or to just lose yourself in the […]

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My fellow bloggers…….

I had a great opportunity to meet some fellow local bloggers at a recent event in Harrogate. Victoria and Chelsea of @HarrogateTribe very kindly invited me to the inaugural Harrogate Tribe Bloggers Breakfast. Being fairly new to the blogging scene, I thought what a great opportunity to meet and talk to other bloggers. It was […]

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Want some drugs?

I think if you ask most people with anxiety and depression, they ideally wouldn’t want to be on prescribed drugs. They would rather just be well and coping with life. But what if you are not coping. What if you need that further support – should you take them? Should you avoid taking them because […]

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Becoming a wise old owl

I said wise – remember growing up is optional. Part of going through mental health issues is wisdom.You learn and grow through it. Being a seeker, I’m always looking into different philosophies and a multitude of personal development books and mindset techniques. It’s like a quest in becoming a better person. Sometimes it could be […]

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Smiling at dad’s funeral

After I closed the front door that Sunday, I had no idea that it would be the last time I would see my dad alive. It had been a typical weekend with family and we had just had a nice meal. Dad had been his usual daft self as he said “see you son” as […]

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Pull your socks up!

I still hate that phrase which was said to me multiple times when I was at school. Normally around parents’ evening the socks required pulling up. Matthew is a lot more capable than what he is currently achieving. He needs to apply himself more. He needs to concentrate more blah blah blah. ADHD wasn’t ‘a […]

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