Bitten in the arse!

Life can be going fine but then out of the deep blue – it takes a big chunk out of your behind. Part of improving your mental health and ‘recovery’ is recognising the clouds ahead and being honest with yourself and those around you. Otherwise, you can start slipping backwards again. It can be a reality check after a period of doing well and feeling good. You think you are ok and then blam!

Photo by Laura College on Unsplash

Now I’m using a picture of a shark to highlight the title of this blog post. I’m not demonising the little blighters and I’m a big fan of them. I can use them though to highlight how depression, stress and anxiety operate. They sense weakness or fear and start appearing out of the depths. Perhaps at first it’s just one, but then more appear, circling round you. You notice a fin causing the fear to heighten and now the circling is getting closer. Before you know it panic has set in, your breathing increases and the old ticker feels like it’s going to exit your rib cage. You are totally overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of emotion. It’s sink or swim time but you are your own rescue boat. Is it going to pick you up or do the sharks move in?

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

I’m not going to tell you how to deal with it as it’s your mental health and your personal journey. With hopefully a counsellor or therapist, friends or family, you will find your way. It’s finding what works for you as I have found what helps me. Being open and honest with foremost myself and then those around me. Different breathing techniques, meditation, binaural beats, psychotherapy, music, running, the gym and good nutrition. Some supplements have helped with both my mental health and ADHD. Good mental health is finding the right combination of things that help you. Are you going to be 100% all the time? No, but relying on your arsenal of self help techniques will improve things. There are times when you fall flat on your backside mentally, but just know that it is just at that moment. You are not weak and you have the strength to overwhelm the obstacles faced. Don’t let the sharks win.

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