Lost in Music

Photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash

I thought as it was #mentalhealthawarenessweek I’d best pull my finger out and put a post on! Today I want to talk about the amazing value to our mental health, that music gives. Music can have varying effects on our mood, whether uplifting, motivational, to relax and unwind or to just lose yourself in the moment. The latter is the perfect way to forget your worries and just be ‘in the moment’ – much like with meditation or mindfulness. Do you have some ‘go to’ songs for different things? Saddo alert but when I was doing mud runs and obstacle courses like Yorkshire Warrior, I’d blast the Rocky soundtrack out in the car : ) I was really pumped to smash the course afterwards. But that is the amazing thing with music. I find some background music helps with work, or just to have your feet up promoting calmness with some acoustic or classical music is lovely.

Now – I have a really varied ‘taste’ in music. My ADHD brain likes the chaotic noise of metal and various Mike Patton projects. My ADHD brain can also switch off from listening sometimes so I have to repeat the song.

Is it just an element of being different? I’m not one for commercial, conveyer belt pop – and don’t get me started on Eurovision – but each to their own. I’m sure many people can’t stand what goes on in my car or at home. But my tastes are really varied and each musician, band or compilation album has played a big part in my life. Classical music can be the perfect experience and I personally can be so emotionally uplifted by some compositions. I wonder how many songs I have repeated over and over again until I’m sick of them (Imagine – John Lennon). I know some music can just bring you down and leave you feeling low or melancholy. Perhaps not the best combination with depression, being dumped or as an anguished teen, but if that’s what you need at the time, just do it.

What songs bring memories of childhood, being with family or friends? Attending a gig or festival watching a band is an amazing experience and again, you can just lose yourself, singing along and SMILE. Now, growing up in Blackpool I used to go ice skating with school friends on a Sunday. One track that came on was the James Bond theme tune where we would bomb round the ring like possessed fools – going as fast as we could round and round. I used to pretty nifty at that – not sure I could even stand up on ice now. Speaking of James Bond, I have been made aware of an upcoming concert . Check out the info below!


So how about Casino Royale in concert? Sounds like it will be an amazing experience. The Halle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ben Palmer and being shown at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

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