So what is this blog all about?

We all have our story to tell and this is mine. I would like to share my experiences, look at what solutions have worked for me and also gather your ideas, thoughts and strategies. I would like to be able to help others going through mental health and/or ADHD problems. Speaking to other people is extremely cathartic and good for the soul. It’s something I didn’t do for a long time, when clearly I needed to – instead of just saying “I’m fine”. I ended up an overwhelmed emotional mess.

People that know me, are used to my stupid sense of humour and appalling jokes. I can be quite quick witted, make light of a situation or create a joke out of it. In a way I used to compare myself to some comedians who on the outside, were laughing and upbeat – but on the inside or when alone, crippled by an “inner voice”. Your brain can be your best friend or worst enemy I find. My journey of late has been about rewiring my brain, to cancel out or minimise that voice and master some form of control with my emotions and thoughts. This has been a long tunnel which I’ve been crawling through, but I’m now in a much better position.

My ADHD diagnosis has given me the ability to understand myself more. It used to be something I’d joke about at work with colleagues, being easily distracted. It’s only when I looked at ADHD further, that I thought………really? I just had a gut feeling that there was something more to my anxiety and depression. I doubted myself though. I was too laid back to have it, I wasn’t fidgeting or talking incessantly. I was a good kid – when I thought of ADHD I just thought of kids who were high on food additives being complete nightmares and in trouble all the time. My ignorance held me back before I found out there was an inattentive type – which used to be called Attention Deficit Disorder. In a future post I will expand on getting my diagnosis and how this came about.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.


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